All in Vinyl Series II: The State Lottery / The 255s

by The State Lottery

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released July 1, 2011




The State Lottery Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Open Your Eyes
She grabbed me and whispered, if you're lonely open your eyes
You may see something new in all you recognize
Over here, over there, it really don't matter where
You've been living like this town's your tomb and it's time you came up for air

If you're here well you're here then aren't you?
Nowhere else, no one else to belong to
Oh, romance is just a blowing wind
Gonna lower my sails so it don't catch nothin'

Don't you know what you want by now?
What is there to figure out?
The future is just a feeling, I swear
I don't know how it looks but I'll know when I'm there

I've wasted years now, waiting for the pieces to fall
Creeping around this tattooed town like a shadow on its walls
And the things that you're looking for ain't gonna come knock down your door
You can wish all you want but you're gonna have to do something more

Everything that you need is here
Open your eyes and it will appear
I'm done placing blame where it don't belong
Gonna stay right here and write my song

Do you dream in meter and measure?
Hear it all and shake with pleasure
Our path is just a melody
Gonna follow it wherever it may lead